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Track 1 – Automotive Systems

Automotive Design & Vehicle Electronics, IC Engine & Automotive Transmission, Automotive Manufacturing, Alternate Fuels and Combustion, Automotive Safety, Advanced Car Body Design, Automation in Driving, Automotive Ergonomics, NVH in Automobiles, Impact of air pollution on environment, Emissions Control, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Fuel Cells and Applications in Transportation

Track 2 – Materials and Manufacturing

Smart Materials, Biomaterials, Metal Forming Process, Advanced Welding Process, Advanced Machining Process, Advanced manufacturing processes, Precision manufacturing, Surface Engineering and Coating, Surface integrity and Tribological characteristics, Corrosion Studies, Additive Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Rapid Prototyping, Micro and Nano Manufacturing, Nano Composites, Metrology, Ultra precision measurements, Machine vision system.

Track 3- Product Development and Industrial Engineering

New Product Development, Design Theory and Research Methodology, Human factors in Design, Design for X (Safety, Manufacture & Assembly, Cost, Reliability etc.), Eco-Design, Sustainable Manufacturing, Design for Sustainability, Design Collaboration and Communication, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Green Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Decision Analysis, Graph Theory, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis, Maintenance and Reliability, Ergonomics, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Safety.

Track 4 – Agriculture & Farm Equipments

Global warming and Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology, Soil Sciences, Organic Agriculture, Livestock Farming & Genetic Engineering, Agronomy, Horticulture, Fruit and vegetable breeding, Seed physiology, Post Harvest Technology, Floriculture, landscape management, Application of Biotechnology, Sustainable Agriculture, Farm Equipments, Agricultural Machineries, Automation in Agriculture, Pest management, Recent trends in Agriculture, Spices & plantation crops management,  Plant protection, Sericulture, Mushroom cultivation and related topics.